Speech Therapy


The Health Link Speech Therapy team specializes in developing treatments to improve overall communication and swallowing abilities. A Speech Language Pathologist will provide an initial consultation to the patient, assess and diagnose specific communication problems and follow the prescribed plan of care in order to rehabilitate basic communication skills. Furthermore, Health Link specializes in difficulties in feeding and swallowing, as well as, offering a variety of therapeutic options to rehabilitate swallowing disorders. Our treatment goal is to have our patients attain an enjoyable, safe and satisfying daily routine in their eating and drinking habits.


Common Problems Referred for Speech Therapy

  • Swallowing/oral-motor

  • Speech intelligibility

  • Auditory comprehension

  • Reading comprehension

  • Verbal fluency/word finding

  • Cognitive ability

  • Functional communication

  • Alaryngeal speech

  • Voice disorders

Individual treatment plans are designed to:

  • Strengthen oral muscles for speech and swallowing

  • Teach esophageal speech or use of electro-larynx

  • Promote alternative communication systems

  • Reteach speaking, reading or writing

  • Improve auditory comprehension

  • Improve orientation, memory and decision-making skills