Health Link Family

Management Team

Giving your health a home court advantage


Health Link Home Health Agency provides personalized in-home health care to individuals and families. Our CA-certified, licensed and registered staff collaborate with you and your family as well as your medical team to ensure that we are providing the highest quality treatment. We communicate and work together with you to ensure the proper administration of your Plan of Care and oversee your journey in attaining an optimal recovery and independence. Our goal is to facilitate the best possible environment for your care because we know that there is no place like home to get well.

We require all of our staff to meet the highest employment standards including a rigorous background screening and application process. This includes: relevant experience, a multitude of references, CA health-licensing/certificate and active continuing education. We take our patients' right to medical privacy seriously. Health Link does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, nationality color, disability or handicap in neither its admissions nor its provisions of quality client care. Although home health care services typically range from a few weeks to a few months, at times, they can be extended due to certified medical need. No matter the time frame, our main goal is to help every patient regain self-sufficiency.


The HEalth Link Golden Rule 

Our Standard of Care and Staff Expectations:

✓   Create customized programs to fit every patients’ unique needs

✓   Implement proper and tailored solutions to support staff performance and patient progress

✓   Generate measurable baselines, goals and outcomes to guarantee our accountability as well as demonstrate evolving and responsive patient care with continuous quality improvement

✓   Office staff includes a dedicated quality assurance resources team to provide a checks and balances system to ensure regulatory compliance

✓   Always uphold patient confidence and hospital operations by safeguarding confidential medical information

✓   Keep an immaculate and safe working environment by complying with rules, regulations and procedures including adhering to infection-control protocols

✓   Our staff fosters and maintains their technical and medical competence by attending workshops, regularly reading professional journals and creating professional networks

✓   Maintain compliance with applicable legal and certification requirements by staying up-to-date with current legislation and keeping all staff informed of any changes and their implications on agency policy