Skilled Nursing Services


The Health Link California-certified and licensed Registered Nursing team partner with physicians and family members to provide optimal care and a safe recovery for every patient’s unique need. We make it our goal to consult our patients for feedback and suggestions and we focus on being reliable, thorough, competent and inviting.  Our post-acute care team of Registered and Skilled nurses works with the patient, their family members and the primary physician to ensure that the target goals for recovery and rehabilitation are achieved while still tending to the patient’s comfort and creating a nurturing environment. Additionally, our nursing staff train the patient, their family members and other caregivers on specific in-home care instructions and are available for consultations if any questions or concerns arise. Services include, but are not limited to:


  • Perform intravenous infusion, tube feeding, phlebotomy and catheter care

  • Monitor diseases of serious conditions which can often be mitigated by patient compliance with medical instruction, such as coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, edema and congestive heart failure (CHF)

  • Provide pain management relief, wound care, vital sign monitoring and diabetic care including: medication management, dieting, exercise and assisted device strength training

  • Ensure the patient is in a safe living environment without infringing or intruding on the patient’s rights or privacy

  • Collaborate with the primary doctor and medical team to implement and facilitate the patient’s Plan of Care

  • Provide treatment and tracking of acute medical conditions to ease chronic conditions and the process of postoperative care

  • Educate patients on self-care after the following procedures: tracheotomy, urostomy care, colostomy and ostomy

  • Provide disease management tools training, potential complications, medication instructions or learning to cope with a recent diagnosis