Occupational Therapy


The Health Link Occupational Therapy team helps patients recover from or adapt to disability and/or illness. The Team works collaboratively with the patient, their family members and the primary physician to create and carry out the plan of care which is intended to guide patients’ in their adjustment period; this ultimately leads them to confidently resume ownership of their daily lives. More specifically, the Team incorporates exercises involving everyday tasks and routines to assist patients in their rehabilitative progress.

We treat patients with a variety of health conditions involving emotional, developmental, mental and physical challenges. Our Occupational Therapists guide patients in the performance and completion of daily activities and routines required to lead independent and satisfying lives. Our goal is to maximize patient independence, prevent further or continued disability and maintain a good level of daily health and wellness. Services include, but are not limited to:



  • Restore sensory and/or integrative function

  • Teach compensation methods for impairments

  • Design, fabricate and fit orthotic or self-help devices

  • Increase independence levels in safely performing activities of daily living (ADL)

  • Assessment and evaluation of patient's status

  • Plan and implement therapeutic programs

  • Restore physical function

  • Promote strength, coordination and balance